How Wide is Health? How deep? How tall?


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About Healthicine:

We measure illness with infinite precision.  Many illnesses are defined as pre-illness, even pre-pre-illness. When an illness is diagnosed a prognosis, or normal path can be divined. Hospitals classify illness using triage techniques, to ensure that conditions that are immediately dangerous are treated faster.

But how do we measure health?  In most cases, we can only measure healthiness as ‘absence of illness’.  If no illness is present, we pretend, health is present.  In truth, health is always present. When we are sick, our healthiness is working to make us better – not sick.

But, once illness is gone, study stops. We have no tools to measure health.

Health is wide and deep. Illness is fast.  Health is slow and steady. But we don’t study health. We have thousands, perhaps millions of books about medicine, few about healthicine. Many books pretend to be about health.  But when you open them, health is not in the table of contents, not in the index, not in the content.  Books “about health” are invariably about illness.

Introduction to Healthicine is the second book in the Healthicine series.  It explores the concepts of healthicine from many angles, and also the concepts of illness, from a health perspective. One reviewer commented: “The paradigm shift outlined by Tracy seems so simple stupid. His ability to challenge human conditioning in a questionable formula is amazing. Healthicine is a much needed focus….thanks for bringing it to light.” Dr. J. Michael Drabiuk”

The first book: Healthicine: The Arts and Sciences of Health and Healthiness is also available on Kindle – at regular price.  A recent reader commented: “Probably the most interesting book I’ve read in the field of Health and Medicine or in better words; in the field of Healthicine. Credits to the author for sharing his amazing knowledge that derived from a new perspective (looking at the bigger picture) and I too encourage Health and medicine experts to consider studying this new field as it follow great potential for a better and more proper health system throughout the world.”  Another reported: “Tracy’s writings have provided and identified a necessary paradigm shift that should take place in our culture for the benefit of everyone.

Both books are available in print, as well as in Kindle format. These two books provide insight into the concepts of healthicine, the science of health. These concepts are continually explored and expanded in the blog sites and A recent post in presents a work in progress version of The Healthicine Creed, an evolving one page summary of the concepts of healthicine. Another, The Case of the Incredible Disappearing Cancer Patients! was shared over 7,800 times when it was published on Wake-Up World, and has received many positive comments.

Healthicine views health, from a healthy perspective. Health is more than absence of illness, more than simple wellness. Health does not end at the circle of body, mind, and spirit, it continues upwards to include communities – all of our communities, through which we have children, and create new communities, for the health of all.

Health is also a verb, to improve healthiness.  The goal of the science of healthicine is to health the ourselves, our medical systems, and our planet.

and ‘health’ is also a toast,

to your health, tracy
Tracy is the author of two books about healthicine:


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