This site is the creation and ongoing project of one ROF: Tracy Kolenchuk (me), the founder of PresonalHealthFreedom.com and Healthicine.org. I have received valuable support through post re-publishing by many important sites, including

GreenMedInfoWakeup-WorldSOTT.netWakingTimesHealth Freedom Alliance, Wellness One of Redding,  StumbleUpon.com, Miss Elixer, NaturalSolutions Radio, IndyInAsia, and others…

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I would love to have your support, to discuss and develop the concepts of healthicine – and explore their ramifications.  If you are interested in participating in this journey of exploration, please drop me  a note at: tracychess@hotmail.com. If you are interested in writing for Healthicine.org, check out this link.

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  • Drs. Telly Hendon

    Congrats with the initiative. What exactly is the funding for?

    • Some of the support I am asking for is simply sharing the concepts, sharing, discussing and commenting, liking my Facebook page. I think the concepts of healthicine need to be discussed if we are to raise awareness.

      As for dollars support, at this time I am funding the entire project myself, on my retirement pension. So dollars would be used to fund the website, and other ‘support’ items. To be frank, I put the SUPPORT page up about two years ago, and have received a sum total of $25 so far. Maybe someday this will change, I don’t know.I do have ideas and plans … but no dollars at this time.

      Another way you could support me is by buying and sharing the book: Introduction of Healthicine: Theories of Health, Healthiness, Illness and Aging, which you can find on Amazon.

      The Healthicine project is not an answer, it is an exploration. The most useful support, in my mind, is discussion of the concepts. We can learn from each other.