Principles of Healthicine


Principles of Healthicine 

1. Healthicine: the arts and sciences health and healthiness.

2. A “healthiness” is a specific aspect of health that can be measured.  Healthiness is a measure of nearness to perfect health in content or process. Specific healthinesses can be in healthy balance, deficient, or excessive. Because life, and health, are processes – healthiness scores are constantly moving as life progresses.

3. Health is whole, consisting of healthiness and unhealthiness. Unhealthiness is the inverse of healthiness. Healthiness is measured on a scale between zero and 100 percent – unhealthiness is the inverse of the healthiness score. Unhealthiness exists when healthiness is not optimal, or when healthiness is out of balance.  All living systems are so complex some unhealthiness is always present. Living systems use balances – manipulating healthiness and unhealthiness, to move forward in life. Unhealthiness is the inverse of healthiness.  Wellness is the opposite of illness.

4. Life consists of chemical and physical things acting in an environment.  Health includes not just the physical living thing, but also the processes of the mind and spirit, and the environments in which they reside. This includes communities of life and communities of different life forms.

5. Illness is a hole in your health. All illness is the result of severe imbalance or imbalances in healthiness – deficiencies or excesses.

6. A simple, elemental illness, or an illness element is the result of a single cause, or a single chain of causes. There are three basic illness elements:

A causal illness element has an active cause, a process or verb cause.

A attribute, or noun illness element is a thing, or the lack of a necessary thing that disrupts healthy flows of life.

An injury illness element is an injury with a cause. An injury is a hole in body, mind, spirit or community. Normally, the cause of an injury is gone. The cause might be the presence of a causal or attribute illness. If the cause is still present, there exists more than one illness element.

A complex illness is set of illness elements: causal illness, injury illness and blockage illness, with the same fundamental causal chain. A complex illness consisting of a causal illness (an illness with an active cause) an injury illness (an injury resulting from the illness) and a blockage illness (a blockage resulting from the causal illness or the injury), requires three independent cures, one for each illness element.

A compound illness is made up of a set of illnesses with similar signs and symptoms, but different causes.  A simple, common example is depression. Depression can have many causes.  When a disease has multiple independent causes leading to similar symptoms, then multiple cures – multiple cure actions – are required.  Many diseases are compound illnesses.

A chronic illness has a chronic cause.  Every type of illness can be chronic, when the cause is chronic.

7. A causal cure is an action that addresses the cause of a causal illness element.    A flow process for curing illness can be found here.

8. A healing cure cures an injury illness. Healing is a curative process that is always active, before, during and after an illness.  Healing progresses irrespective of the illness, irrespective of most treatments – unless the treatment specifically affects healing. Healing is seldom perfect, and can lead to blockages.

9. Attribute illnesses are cured by transformation.  By transforming the attribute into healthiness. Transformation often requires healing to complete the cure.

10 A chronic illness can only be cured by addressing the cause, and the chronic nature of the cause.

These are fundamental principles of healthicine, as I have explored and defined them to date.  I am happy to discuss comments, suggestions, etc. to help us refine these principles.

to your health, tracy
revised (minor edit) Oct 23, 2012
revised (clarify unhealthiness as inverse of healthiness) Feb 27, 2013
revised (include process and environment, clarify and simplify concepts) June 28, 2015
updated to introduce language for ‘elemental illness’ February 2016.

updated to add healing and transformational cures.  Sept 2017.
updated to clarify complex vs compound illnesses, and chronic illnesses in 2017

Revised February 2018 to clarify the concepts of causal (verb) illnesses and attribute (noun) illnesses.


  • kim lessard

    Thank you for defining. I have always had a strong calling to the study of health and would love to read more.blessings to you ! Kim