Many of the definitions in the field of medicine are vague and complex, for many historical reasons.  Healthicine is a new science and this give the opportunity and the necessity to provide clear, useful definitions, from a healthicine perspective.

Health “a measure of the combined state of physical, mental and social well being.”

Healthicine – the arts and sciences of health and healthiness.

Hierarchy of Healthicine: comprised of genetics, nutrients, cells, tissues, organs, bodily systems, body, minds, spirits, and communities.

Primary health disciplines nutrition, cytology, histology, anatomy, systemic anatomy, physiology, cognitive physiology, spiritual studies and community studies.

Healthiness – a specific measure of health.

Health Factor the name for any factor that can affect your health.  This includes all of the primary and secondary components of health, and also all of the potential causes of illness.  Each health factor has a optimal status – where a non-optimal status can lead to illness.

Unhealthiness – the inverse of a measure of healthiness when plotted on a scale of zero to 100 percent.  Unhealthiness exists when a health factor moves out of balance. Unhealthiness can also be viewed as ‘potential for improvement in healthiness’.

Illness: an illness exists when a health factor moves so far out of balance that a doctor can diagnose an illness.

Theory of Cause: every illness has a cause.

Primary causes of illness deficiencies or excesses of health factor.

Cure: the removal of causes, and stopping the progression of an illness.