Many definitions in the field of medicine are vague and complex, often for historical reasons.  Healthicine is a new science and this gives the opportunity and the necessity to provide clear, useful definitions, from a healthicine perspective.

Healthicine – the arts and sciences of health and healthiness.

Hierarchy of Healthicine: comprised of genetics, nutrients, cells, tissues, organs, bodily systems, body, minds, spirits, and communities. Each transition upwards in the hierarchy can only come about from a community of individuals in the prior layer. Primary disciplines genetics, nutrition, cytology, histology, anatomy, systemic anatomy, physiology, cognitive physiology, spiritual studies and community studies.

Health “the combined state of physical, mental and social well being.” It is important to know that health is measurable.  Health is whole – and therefore any measure of healthiness is a percentage measurement. Health includes measures of healthiness, and the inverse of healthiness – unhealthiness.

Health: (verb) to improve healthiness.

Healthiness – a specific measure of health, measured on a percentage scale.

Unhealthiness – the inverse of a measure of healthiness. Healthiness is never perfect, and unhealthiness is always present. Unhealthiness can also be described as ‘potential for improvement in healthiness’.

Illness: an illness is the intersection of a cause and the negative consequences, including signs and symptoms. There are three basic types of illness.  Active illnesses have active causes. Injury illnesses have causes in the past. Blockage illnesses have causes in the patient’s body, mind, spirit or community. Every illness has a cause. Note: our medical system often classifies illnesses into acute – eg. dangerous, and chronic, but this classification is often weak and inaccurate.

Cure: A cure is the end of an illness.  There are four types of cures, based on three types of illness. Active illnesses are cured by addressing the cause.  Injury illnesses are cured by healing. Blockage illnesses are cured by removing the blockage, and subsequent healing.  The fourth type of cure is prevention of illness before it can occur. Every illness can be cured, but of course not every case.

Disease: is a name given to a group of related illnesses or related symptoms for medical classification purposes. Medically, a disease is a name given to an illness at the time of diagnosis – whether the diagnosis is correct or not.  Many illnesses cannot be diagnosed, because no diagnosis exists for them.