Health Freedom




    Everyone has the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of healthiness.

This blog, Healthicine, actually started from the blog Personal Health Freedom. To learn more about my ideas on health freedom, visit that site.

The goal of every true government of the people is to enable freedoms, not to restrict them.

FREEDOM is essential to many aspects of healthiness, some examples:

Freedom is a requirement for a healthy spirit.  Spirit’s are meant to be free.

We need freedom of information if we are to learn about healthiness. I believe we need clear, complete labeling laws to enable our freedoms.  At present, many foods and health products do not contain, and are not required to contain complete information about their contents on the label.

We need freedom of choice in products we can buy, sell, and consume for our health. At present there are many, many products that are prohibited or restricted – and the reasons for restrictions are inconsistent and often incomprehensible – and often simply unhealthy.