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If you look up heathiness, healthicine, and healthicines in the dictionary today (September 2012) you will not find them.  This image illustrates their meanings.

In the first oval we see Healthiness and Illness. Illness is a specific incidence of being ill. You might be ill with measles, cancer, or a broken leg.  Each is an illness.  Each illness can be diagnosed. Healthiness is a specific incidence of health.  You have heart healthiness, lung healthiness and leg healthiness.  Each healthiness can be measured. Note: illness is simply a sub-category of healthiness. Measles is a negative healthiness, as is a cancer and a broken leg.

In the second oval we see Heathicines and Medicines. Medicines are used to treat illness.  Today’s medicines are generally toxic for two reasons.  First, they are used to kill illnesses like measles, pneumonia, etc. Second, medicines often need to be patented to make money for their creator – and patents cannot be issued for ‘naturally healthy products’. Healthicines are used to improve healthiness. Of course many illnesses can be best treated by simply increasing healthiness, using healthicines. You can see that medicines are a sub-category of healthicines, where healthicines includes all of the things that can be used to improve healthiness, whether you are ill or not.

In the third oval we see Healthicine and Medicine. Medicine is the study of illnesses – including prevention, diagnosis and treatments.  Healthicine is the study of healthiness, including all measurements of healthiness and the study of all ways to improve, or perhaps to harm, healthiness.  Again, we can easily see that the field of medicine is a sub-category of the entire field of healthicine.

Healthicine is about health, and healthiness, with a goal to optimize healthiness.

Healthiness has many components: nutrition, cells, organs – which can be studied in a Hierarchy of Healthicine. The hierarchy of healthicine was first published and explored in the blog Personal Health Freedom.

The site is one of many first steps in the studies of healthicine. I have written two books about healthicine, based the hierarchy of healthicine, some blog posts from a sister site: Personal Health Freedom (Like on Facebook to get updates and learn more. ), where you can read the original posts about the Hierarchy of Healthicine.

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