Write for Healthicine?

I sometimes receive requests from authors about writing posts for my blog sites. If you are interested in writing for  Healthicine.org, you need to be aware of some constraints.

First and foremost:

It is important to understand that the goal of Healthicine is not to be a successful ‘blog’. Healthicine is a tool to explore, expand, and espouse the concepts of HEALTHICINE. My goal is not to be a successful blogger, not to be a successful publisher. My goal is not to make money.

My goals are to change the world.  To change our ideas, opinions, discussions and perceptions of health, illness, healthicine and medicine.  I believe that when we study health seriously and scientifically, many ‘medical mysteries’ will be solved. 

As a result, my requirements for content are strict.  All content must further my goals.

I need posts that support and explore the concepts of healthicine.
I need posts that are ‘new’.
When you write a post, keep one rule in mind. If someone else has already written it, I’m not interested in it.

Here are some requirements to write for Healthicine.org:

a) All content, all ideas, on the Healthicine site must be NEW. It can have been published before, but… If you are planning to ‘find some stuff’ or ‘research some content’ and prepare a summary for Healthicine.org – I’m not interested.  If you can reference someone who is truly writing about health, without constantly referring to illness, I will be interested, but I haven’t found anyone yet.

If you am writing on something that has been written about before, you MUST take a new perspective. The perspective of healthicine MUST be different than the perspective of ‘medicine’, different than the perspective of ‘alternative medicine’, and hopefully, different enough from anything you might have already read – so much so that it either enlightens, or confuses you.

b) I am not interested in, and will not accept any ‘cures’ or ‘treatments’. My blog is about healthiness, not about illness. I am not a doctor.

c) All posts must reference, or demonstrate a clear understanding of some of the theories on my site. Specifically:
the hierarchy of healthicine
– the differences between healthicine and medicine and the differences between healthicines and medicines

d) science? I have my own, somewhat unique ideas on science and the scientific method – when it comes to medicine. Much of medicine is NOT scientific – it is commercial, and uses science, or abuses science, for commercial purposes. This is clearly understood by scientists and medical researchers. If you are thinking of using clinical studies to support your content, take care. I often take clinical studies to pieces for fun and amusement. Many clinical studies are trash.  The difference between a clinical study and ‘anecdotal evidence’ is simply one of scale, not one of value.  A clinical study is a small, highly structured collection of anecdotes.

e) Health Freedom: I have a related blog about Personal Health Freedom. It helps to understand some of the concepts of health freedom (as opposed to medical freedom) if you are writing for healthicine.  One of the most important concepts on the Personal Health Freedom site is the Universal Declaration of Health Freedom, which states:

Everyone has a right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of healthiness.  It is based on the understanding that happiness (in the original quote “everyone has a right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness“) is a subset of healthiness.  You can be happy without being healthy, but you cannot be truly healthy if you are not happy.

Sometimes I post on both sites, or post on one site and refer from the other site.  Requirements for writing for Personal Health Freedom are similarly restrictive, because its mission is also to support the main cause “to change the world”.

e) What should you write about? And there’s a big problem. I have over 100 topics in draft posts. Some of them are very close to being published, but not quite ready. I’m very fussy about what is published.  If you are still interested in writing, after reading these constraints, I can give you a peek into my drafts, and you might find some of those ideas useful as a starting point.

so… in summary, I’m happy to consider posts written by other writers.  However, my requirements are pretty restrictive. If your post does not support my goals, I’m not interested.

If you do submit something to me:

1) I will consider it seriously.

2) If I am considering publishing it, I will read every word. Expect to discuss content, wording, concepts, etc.

Most of my posts take more than 2 weeks to get from conception to publishing.  Some take much longer.  Because the field of healthicine is unknown, posts can sometimes take dramatic changes as they evolve towards publishing.

to your health, tracy

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