Healthicine: Theory of Incurabe Diseases

IncurableDiseasesWhat is an incurable disease? How can we know for certain that a disease is curable or incurable? 

There are lots of diseases that are classed as ‘incurable’ by modern medicine.  It’s easy to make a list. Start with all of the ‘chronic’ illnesses.  By definition, chronic illnesses are ‘chronic’, and patients are advised to ‘learn to live with them’. Arthritis, asthma, hypertension, diabetes, Parkinson’s disease, even cancers… there are many more.

Are they really incurable? Wikipedia’s editors removed their page about ‘incurable diseases’. Why? According to Wiki, Continue reading “Healthicine: Theory of Incurabe Diseases” »

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The Un-Sciences of Medicine

MedicalScienceBrokenIs there a science of medicine? What are the fundamental theories of medicine? What are the fundamental theories of illness? What is the basic theory of cures? What is the theory of prevention?

Is physics a science? Yes. Any university, in many countries can provide an introductory text to the concepts and theories of physics.  Chemistry is a science. The main theories of chemistry begin with the periodic table but they are so well developed that they intersect with the field of physics.  Is biology a science? Of course it is. Biology is the study of life, and all aspects of life.

Is medicine a science? Continue reading “The Un-Sciences of Medicine” »

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Medical Blindness: By Design

Medicine, modern medicine, is blind to health. Diagnosis is blind by design.


Diagnosis requires medical blindness. The facts are gathered and studied to produce a yes/no decision, to separate patients into sick and not sick, into black and white. Shades of grey are ignored in diagnosis, until time for treatment. Your health insurance does not decide to pay or not pay, depending on ‘how sick’ you are.  If you have a diagnosis on their list, they will pay.  Your prescription medication is not controlled by ‘how sick’ you are.  If you have a diagnosis, you can get a prescription.

Healthiness is best represented in color.


Healthiness has many factors, which can range from low to high. In this diagram, red indicates danger and green indicates healthiness. Each factor of health is on a scale, none are every likely to be perfectly healthy, nor perfectly unhealthy. Continue reading “Medical Blindness: By Design” »

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What if the healthiest foods were least expensive?

HealthiestFoodsWhat if the healthiest foods were the cheapest? What if unhealthy foods cost more? Would it make a difference to your health? To your family? To your communities? To your city, your country?

Unfortunately, we have a perfect example for comparison. What is the healthiest drink? We’re not certain, but the best candidate is water. In most cities, water is almost free. But what drinks sell best? Not water. Why does this happen?

Let’s suppose you are a drink manufacturer, and you want to produce and sell the healthiest drink. And of course you want to make a profit. You might think that selling the healthiest drink would be a recipe for sales, profits, money. Imagine you are the company CEO, you head over to the Marketing department and say “Water is the healthiest drink. We need a marketing plan for water.” What will be the response? Continue reading “What if the healthiest foods were least expensive?” »

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Is it a Medicine, a Symptomicine, or a Crutch? 

CRUTCHESIs your prescription a medicine, a symptomicine, or a crutch?  What is a medicine?  What is a symptomicine? What is a crutch?

Webster’s: a medicine is “a substance that is used in treating disease or relieving pain and that is usually in the form of a pill or a liquid“. This definition is quite broad.  A medicine might cure a disease.  But it might be just used to ‘treat’ a disease, or relieve pain. Or it might just prop you up, so you can ‘live with your disease’.

A medicine that cures your illness is a pure medicine.  Many medicines only treat symptoms – these are symptomicines.

Symptomicine: a medicine that only treats signs or symptoms of an illness.

Some medicines are like a crutch.  They prop you up until you can get better. Or if you lose a leg, or some other important aspect of your health, they might be needed to prop you up indefinitely.

Are most medicines cures, symptomicines, or crutches?  What do you think? Continue reading “Is it a Medicine, a Symptomicine, or a Crutch? ” »

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