A Science of Cure: How to Cure Any Illness

Theory of CureYou might be surprised to learn, I certainly was, that modern medicine has no science of ‘cure’. Freud developed the talking cure, but it was only a treatment, with no test for the patient being ‘cured’. Homeopathy often uses the word cure, but has no tests for cured. It has only treatments. In all of modern medicine, there are only very poor understandings of cure, and poor definitions of cured. Modern medical reference texts seldom use the word ‘cure’, when they do it is without definition, and the use is inconsistent.

Most diseases are treated. Never cured. Continue reading “A Science of Cure: How to Cure Any Illness” »

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How the Risk Virus Infected Medicine

RiskRuseThe Risk Virus has infected modern medicine.

Let’s begin with a story.  It’s a common story, any doctor, or any nurse can tell you a similar story from their experience. In this case, it’s a true story I recently heard from a friend, who just happens to be a doctor. It did not happen to him as a doctor. It happened to him as a patient. If you talk to your nurse, or your doctor friend, they can all tell you a similar story, but they can’t explain it.  This post will explain it.   Continue reading “How the Risk Virus Infected Medicine” »

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The Invisible Cures

DAGWOODMany cures are invisible. Can a doctor diagnose a cure? Can a doctor diagnose an invisible cure? Obesity is one of the most common diseases today.  Scientific American recently reported “Obesity Trends in the U.S. Reflect a Global Epidemic“.

There’s an epidemic of obesity attacking Northern America.

Let’s suppose that John has been diagnosed with obesity and prescribed a diet to treat his disease. John tackles his obesity, and wins.  He goes back to his doctor and passes the diagnostic criteria. He no longer has the disease obesity.

Is John cured? Was he cured by the treatment? Continue reading “The Invisible Cures” »

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Are you Too Depressed, or Two Depressed?

TwoDepressed-3 Is depression a disease, or is it several diseases? Is it possible to have two depressions?

Is depression a curable disease or an incurable disease? Some of the time?  All of the time?

Dr Kelly Brogan has written a revolutionary book about depression, A Mind of Your Own, where she points out that depression is a symptom, not a disease. If you want to have a look, you can download chapter 1 here. She’s right, but there’s more. Continue reading “Are you Too Depressed, or Two Depressed?” »

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Is it a Placebo Effect? or a Suggestibility Effect?

PlaceboeffectsMagicMaybe you’ve heard of ‘placebo effect’.  Placebo effects are, according to the Oxford dictionary of the English language: “a beneficial effect produced by a placebo drug or treatment, which cannot be attributed to the properties of the placebo itself, and must therefore be due to the patient’s belief in that treatment“.

First we need to clarify the error made by Oxford dictionary editors. Placebo effects do not actually require a placebo drug or a placebo treatment. Real medicines, real treatments, also have placebo effects.  Continue reading “Is it a Placebo Effect? or a Suggestibility Effect?” »

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