Debunking The Placebo Effect: Placebo Magic Tricks Explained

PlaceboeffectsMagicThe placebo effect has mystified physicians, scientists, and patients for centuries.  Placebo effects can appear and disappear, like magic.

What is a placebo effect? Webster’s:

improvement in the condition of a patient that occurs in response to treatment but cannot be considered due to the specific treatment usedContinue reading “Debunking The Placebo Effect: Placebo Magic Tricks Explained” »

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Is Diabetes the Easiest Incurable Disease to Cure?

Diabetes-cureI don’t know if you’ve noticed, but an incurable disease is being cured. I went over to my local library last fall, to do some research on diabetes. It was an interesting experience.  I picked about 10 books off the shelf, and took them to a study table.  You can see a list in the references at the bottom.

One of the books, one in ten, claimed to cure diabetes. The others provided ‘treatments’ and guidelines on ‘how to live with your diabetes’, assuming, even stating clearly in most cases, that “diabetes cannot be cured”. The truth is a bit longer sentence: “”Diabetes cannot be cured by medicines”. Continue reading “Is Diabetes the Easiest Incurable Disease to Cure?” »

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The Disease Problem

Modern medicine has a serious problem: disease. There is no clear definition of ‘disease’, so there can be no theory of disease. Disease is so poorly defined that diseases can and do appear and disappear, in patients and in medical textbooks, with astonishing agility – and little logic.  There are even names for the mysterious disappearance of a disease: ‘spontaneous cures’ and ‘spontaneous remissions’.

The definition of a disease, and the science of diagnosis is so weak that, if a patient is cured of a cancer, or AIDS, the question often raised is “did they really have the disease”. Continue reading “The Disease Problem” »

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Theory of Cures


First Principle: Every disease can be cured. 

“Every disease can be cured” is the foundation of The Healthicine Theory of Cures. It is based on the simple principle: “If you think you can, you can.”

If a disease cannot be cured, is it really a disease? Continue reading “Theory of Cures” »

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Malnutrition Epidemic in America

Obese-family-600America is suffering from an epidemic of malnutrition. But it’s not what you think.

If you check the World Health Organization for malnutrition, you will find many studies about, and programs for malnutrition in children. It’s as if malnutrition doesn’t exist in adults? We’re all children. And many of us are suffering from malnutrition. If you search, you can find a few references where the definition of malnutrition includes ‘eating too much’. But that’s not it either. Continue reading “Malnutrition Epidemic in America” »

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