WIP: The Healthicine Creed

The Healthicine Creed

Health is whole. Health is slow and steady.
Health is wide and deep.
Health encompasses all of life’s processes, from genetics to Gaia.
Health is a noun. A healthiness is a measurable instance of health.
An unhealthiness is a potential for improvement in health.
Health is a verb. Healthing is making someone healthier.
Health is honest and true.
Health individuals create healthy communities foster healthy individuals.
An illness is a hole in your health.
A disease is not an illness, an illness is not a disease.
Every illness has causes and symptoms.
All causes are unhealthinesses.
Parasitic illnesses attack from the environment.
Healthinesses illness arise from unhealthiness.
Injury illnesses strike.
Chronic illnesses have chronic causes.
Symptomicines and iatrogenics facilitate chronic illness.
Every illness can be cured.
Cures stop the progression of an illness.
Three cause of illness, three types of cures.
Healing defends against disease and repairs damage
Healthicines improve healthiness.
Health is the best preventative.
Health is the best cure, the only true cure.

The Healthicine Creed book is nearing completion. If you are interested in helping me out by reading, editing and commenting on the current draft, drop me a note at


The goals of healthicine are to understand, create, and improve healthiness.
Healthy foods, actions, and communications move us towards healthiness.
Healthy people are moving towards healthiness.
Everyone has a right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of healthiness.
                                   Healthicine: The Arts and Sciences of Health and Healthiness.

A few months ago, I realized I could put all of the basic concepts of healthicine onto a single page – but of course many pages might be needed to explain the details.  I published the first version as a blog post: The Healthicine Creed.

I soon realized I had a lot more content than could fit into a blog.  I thought I might write a short book, maybe 30 or 40 pages, and be done.  As I started to write more, the creed began to change and grow, and with editing – shrink and grow. The Healthicine Creed is currently a Work in Progress (WIP), as I write a book with the same title, and much more detailed content.

I welcome any comments, suggestions, and input to the Healthicine Creed. The version in this post will continue to change as the book nears completion.

to your health, tracy
Tracy is the author of two books about healthicine:


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Founder of Healthicine.org. Author of two books about healthicine; Healthicine: The Arts and Sciences of Health and Healthiness Healthicine: Introduction to Healthicine
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