US/FDA Extends Approval Nonsense to Homeopathic Medicines

On November 15th, the US/FDA announced a new policy for homeopathic drugs. You can read the press release here if you like.  They US/FDA has announced that  for homeopathic medicines,”Efficacy and Safety Claims Are Held to Same Standard as Other OTC Drug Claims” Is this good news?

It might be good news, if the  efficacy and safety claim standards for other OTC drugs were useful.  It might be good news, if the standard efficacy and safety claim standards for other OTC drugs made sense.

Claims to NOT CURE – Approved

Let’s be clear.  Most drugs approved by the US/FDA claim (by omission) to NOT CURE any disease. Most medicines do not cure, and make no claim to cure any disease.  Most prescription medicines, most OTC medicines, and yes, most homeopathic medicines make no claim to cure any disease.

Maybe you’re thinking “That’s nonsense, it can’t be true!”.  Take this test. Walk over to your medicine cabinet.  Take out each of the drugs and check the labels for the word ‘cure’.  If the drug claimed to cure, the cure was approved by the US/FDA, and it appears on the label.  You didn’t find any cures?  Check your grandmother’s medicine cabinet, she has more drugs, maybe even lots of old empty and expired bottles.  Look for the word cure.  Hmmm…. Still can’t find any?  Maybe you did find one in 100 bottles. It is possible – antibiotics sometimes claim to cure. Head over to your local pharmacy, your local drug-store. Find the section for OTC, Over The Counter medicines.  Check the boxes for the word cure.  Good luck.

Homeopathic Drugs that Don’t Cure – Approved

While you’re there, head over to the homeopathic section, if there is one. If not, head over to the local health store, to search for homeopathic medicines. To save time, you can check a few websites, like Ten Common Homeopathic Medicines – search for the word ‘cure’. It’s not there. Or The National Center for Homeopathy.  Their website has a keyword search.  A search for the word ‘cure’ produces “We’re sorry, but no items matched your search. Please try searching for another term.

Homeopathy, in theory operates on the theory of “like cures like”.  But if you take time to read the theory, it suggests that a medicine that “causes” your symptoms, will “cure” your symptoms, not your disease.  Homeopathy has no useful theory of illness or disease (neither does modern medicine).  Both treat signs and symptoms with no cure goal.

Most medicines approved by the US/FDA treat signs and symptoms of disease. Most medicinal claims, make no claim to cure any disease.

Nonsense Leads to Nonsense

So, according to the US/FDA announcement, they will now extend their nonsense approval, of drugs and treatments that make no claim to cure – to include another group of drugs and treatments that make no claim to cure.

Maybe that’s OK?  Actually no.  Suppose you have a curable illness.  In theory, every illness can be cured.  What happens when you take a medicine for the signs and symptoms, that does not cure?

The medicine wears off, and you need more medicines. You take more medicines for the signs and symptoms, and the illness gets worse. You need a stronger medicine. You get side effects from the medicines, and need a new medicine for the new signs and symptoms of the illness caused by the medicine.  In simple English:

You have a chronic disease!

Once you have a chronic disease – in current medical theory, you have a disease that cannot be cured.  It can be treated with medicines that don’t cure.  You have become a subscriber.  Welcome to the  LTDWYD club: Learn to die with your disease. 


Until we begin to take cures seriously, nonsense will persist.  The US/FDA will make prestigious announcements of nonsense decisions.

If we want to learn about cures, we need to study cures. If we want cures, we need to approve cures, and give cures special status.  But there are two problems.

Cure, Cures, Curing, and Cured are not defined

Many medical dictionaries including  Webster’s New World Medical Dictionary, Third Edition, The Oxford Concise Medical Dictionary, Ninth Edition, 2015, The Bantam Medical Dictionary, Sixth Edition, 2009, Barron’s Dictionary of Medical Terms, Sixth Edition, 2013, and Medical Terminology for Dummies, Second Edition do not contain definitions for cure. Seriously? Can that be true? Medical reference texts, including: Merck Manual of Diagnosis and Therapy, 11th Edition, Harrison’s Principles of Internal Medicine, Lange’s Current Medical Diagnosis and Treatment, Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM–5)  do not contain definitions for cure.

How can we hope to find cures, if cure is not defined?

Well.. there’s a problem.  The cure for most diseases is not a medicine. All of the diseases that can be cured, and proven to be cured by a recognized medical test, are caused by parasites.  They are cured when the parasites are addressed, or killed.

All diseases that are NOT caused by a parasite are incurable, by lack of a definition. They can’t be cured by approved medicines.  They can’t be cured by homeopathic medicines. They can’t be cured by any medicines, approved, unapproved, legal, illegal, natural or unnatural.

They can only be cured by health.

Officially, obesity can’t be cured.  There is no test for obesity cured.  It is not possible to cure obesity and prove it has been cured.  The cure for obesity is not a medicine. Obesity is cured with health.

What is the cure for scurvy? No medicine can cure scurvy. Scurvy is cured by a healthy diet.  Medical references offer ‘treatments’ for scurvy. They don’t use the word cure, because they recommend treatments that don’t cure. Officially, scurvy cannot be cured. Cured is not defined for scurvy.

Depression cannot be cured. It is not possible to cure depression, and prove that it has been cured.  The cure for depression is health, not a medicine.

Cancers cannot be cured.  It is not possible to prove that any cancer patient has been cured, and although many claim to have been cured, no-one counts ‘cancers cured’, because cured is not defined for cancer.  Note: Cure rate is statistical nonsense, supposedly measuring effects of treatments, with no evidence of cure other than “cure wait”.

We can make a list, a huge list of incurable diseases: hypertension, heart disease, dementia, MS, Alzheimer’s, Parkinsons, arthritis, Chron’s, Celiac disease, diabetes, and yes, even cancer. None of these diseases – and many more – cannot be cured, by definition, because cured is not defined.

So… Homeopathic medicines.  Welcome to the MTDC club, the club of “Medicines That Don’t Cure“. You’ll fit right in.  But take note, the entry fees are high. Maybe you can’t afford to compete?  It’s expensive to get approval for medicines that don’t cure.

“Every illness can be cured” – the Healthicine Creed

to your health, tracy
Founder: Heathicine


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