The Three Mystery Causes of Illness

What causes illness?  What are the basic causes of illness? If you read modern medical texts you might believe that illnesses can have thousands of causes, and then writings by alternative medical authors, perhaps every illness is caused by a single thing.

Where can the truth be found?

What are the basic, fundamental causes of illness? How many are there?

Three. Can you name them?

To understand the causes of illness, we first define healthicine illness. Modern medicine uses many terms for different medical conditions. Only some of these are healthicine illnesses.

An illness is a negative health condition of the body, mind, spirit or community of a life entity, that can be cured. In healthicine, an illness is that which can be cured. If it cannot be cured, it might be a disability, a handicap, or a simple attribute or reality, but not an illness. Every illness is a negative judgement, that an illness exists, and a positive judgement, that it can be cured.

It is important to separate the concept of an illness from the signs and symptoms, the consequences of a cause. Every illness consists of the cause, and the consequences – the signs and symptoms of illness. Cause and consequences are linked, and the severity of signs and symptoms depend on the cause, on the link, and on the healthiness of the patient.

We cure the illness by addressing the cause, or by addressing the link, or by by improving the health of the patient.  Addressing signs and symptoms cannot cure, although sometimes, addressing signs and symptoms gives the health of the patient time to produce a cure.

An illness element is a negative health condition with a single cause or causal chain.

Many diseases are complex or compound, with more than one causal chain. If we study the cause of every individual case of disease, we might find that most disease cases have more than one cause.  Why is this true? Because illnesses with single causes, illness elements, are often easily cured by health.  Health is the best medicine, health is the best cure.

There are three fundamental causes of illness elements, and every illness element is a result of one of these causes.  What are they? We might give them many different names, but let’s begin with the basics.

Every illness, every illness element has a single cause. The single cause is always a verb, or a noun.

When the cause of an illness is very strong, or the health of the patient is very weak, it can cause an injury – which can also cause other illnesses. We can use different words:

 – process (a verb) or an

 – attribute or thing (a noun).

Can you name any illness that is caused by something else? Of course, some illnesses are caused by an absence of, or failure of a process – malnutrition is caused by a failure to eat. Some illnesses are caused by a lack of a thing – different types of malnutrition are caused by a lack of different foods. Are there any illnesses caused by an absence of injury? I’m not sure.

Many diseases are variations of malnutrition. Starvation is an illness of malnutrition. Obesity is an illness of malnutrition. But today we cannot cure obesity.   Scurvy is an illness of malnutrition.  But did you know that modern medicine cannot cure scurvy.  Depression can be caused by malnutrition, but there is no medicine that can cure depression.

What is the cause of malnutrition?

The cause of an illness is not a “fact”, it is a judgement.  Every case and every cause of an illness is a judgment. There are many reasons we might judge the cause of an illness. Sometimes, we judge something to be the cause of an illness to find blame. Sometimes, we  judge the cause of an illness to create preventatives.

The best reason to judge something to be the cause of an illness to find a cure.

In healthicine, we search for cures, not for blame. When someone has an illness, prevention is not better than a cure, a cure is necessary. Every illness can be cured.

Once we identify the cause of a case of malnutrition, we can work to cure the illness. The cure identifies the cause.  Once we cure the illness, we have proven the cause. The cure proves the cause.  Failure to cure proves that we don’t yet understand completely.

Perhaps the patient has malnutrition because they are not eating? If we identify the cause of a case of malnutrition as the process of not eating, and we address the cause, the illness will be cured. We ensure that the patient is eating, and the illness is cured. If it is not cured – then the cause we identified was wrong. Malnutrition might have other causes, it might be caused, for example, by a faulty digestive process, or by another disease, even by an injury.

Perhaps the patient is too poor to buy food? If we identify the cause of a case of malnutrition as a lack of money, and we provide money – the illness will be cured.  If it is not cured, that was not the right cause. Perhaps this case of malnutrition was been caused by unhealthy foods that are not nutritious. Providing more food that is not nutritious will not cure. There is a need for healthier foods.

Every person is unique.  Every patient is unique.  Every case of an illness, diagnosed without identification of cause, is unique.  Cause is identified, proven, by the cure. There is no proof of cause better than a cure.

Perhaps the patient is too stressed to eat? If we identify the cause of a case of malnutrition as a stress, we might try to address the stress. If someone is suffering from anorexia, a form of malnutrition, providing food will not cure.  Deficiency of eating is not the cause. Eating more will not cure. The lack of healthy food is not the cause.  Healthy foods cannot cure. We can only cure anorexia by finding the stress, and addressing the stress.  If we can identify and address the stress that is causing anorexia – we can cure that case.

Every case of malnutrition has its own unique cause. Searching for general solutions is useful, but we cannot expect any single cause to provide a cure every case.  We might also note that, although there are thousands of different illnesses of malnutrition – not one can be cured by a medicine.  Most medicines make no attempt to cure any illnesses, and few medicines can cure. 

There are many possible causes of illness, each is one of three main types; verbs (processes or absence of process), nouns (attributes or things), and injuries.

There’s a complication. The cause of an illness might reside in many different aspects of healthiness. The basic aspects of health are body, mind, spirit, community, and environment. A cause of an illness might come from the body, from the mind, from the spirits, from the community, or from the environment of a life entity.

Malnutrition might be caused by a verb, a process of the body – by not eating (starvation) or by eating too much unhealthy foods (obesity).  Malnutrition might be caused by a noun, a lack of food for the body.  Malnutrition might be caused by an injury to the body, the mind, the spirit, that causes a failure of digestion.

But malnutrition might also be caused by a verb, a noun, or  a force of the mind. Malnutrition might be caused by the processes of an aversion to healthy foods, an active fear of foods that are necessary to health.  Malnutrition might be caused by an incorrect fact, a belief that a person is fat, or that the foods a person is consuming are sufficient and no changes are necessary. Or malnutrition might be caused by mental injury so severe that the person forgets to eat, or cannot find the energy to eat.

Malnutrition might also be caused by a verb, or a noun, or an injury to the spirits of a life entity.  Malnutrition might be caused by a motivation, an intention to lose weight, to be thinner at all cost.  Malnutrition might be caused by distortion of intention, perhaps a total focus of intention on goals not related to health – the pursuit of money, for example. Or malnutrition might be caused by an illness of depression, leading to loss of spirits, loss of the will to live.

Of course malnutrition might also be caused by processes (verbs) or attributes (nouns) or forces of community.  Many people suffer malnutrition, while surrounded by food, because their community processes do not enable them to acquire and consume food as needed.  Many people suffer malnutrition because of a noun, or lack of a noun, they do not have sufficient money to buy the foods they need to be healthy. And some people suffer malnutrition because their communities force them to starve.  There is much overlap between between the verb, noun, and force causes of malnutrition caused by unhealthy communities.

Malnutrition might be caused by the environment, by the process of a drought or a flood, that ruins crops.  It might be caused by an excessive quantity of unhealthy foods, creating the illusion of nutrition, with the actuality of starvation.  And malnutrition might be caused by the forces of nature that can destroy food stored for winter.

It is interesting that we can find many different causes of malnutrition – an illness of many different types and dimensions – and in each case, we can find a cure related to the cause. In each case, no medicine can cure, only healthy actions can cure.

An illness caused by a verb, by a process, is cured by addressing the process that is causing the illness. A n illness is that is caused by a noun, an attribute, is cured by transforming the attribute from a cause of illness to a healthy attribute.  An illness that is an injury can only be cured by healing.  Diagnosis of disease is insufficient to cure.  We can only cure once we identify the cause.

Health is the best medicine, health is the best cure for any disease. – the Healthicine Creed.

to your health, tracy
Founder: Healthicine


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