How to Cure Bipolar Disorder

The DSM/5, the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, is the official medical manual of mental disorders, including bipolar disorder.  The headings for Bipolar Disorders include: Diagnosis | Epidemiology and Clinical Presentation | Neuroimaging | Differential Diagnosis | Treatment | References

There is no heading for “cure”.  Cured is not defined in the DSM/5, for any mental disorder. Why is that? 

We might think, from the title: “Diagnostic and Statistical Manual” that there would be statistics of cures, but no.  In reality, there are no statistics for cures for any disease.  Diagnosis statistics, and death statistics are maintained, but cures are not counted – cures simply don’t count.

Bipolar disorder, according to the most authoritative medical reference, cannot be cured due to a lack of definition of cure, cures, curing and cured.

So.. How can we cure bipolar disorder?

With the current state of medical theory about bipolar disorder, the only way we can cure bipolar disorder is to go outside of current medical theory.  The only ways to cure bipolar disorder are to use so called “alternative” medical techniques.

Only alternative medical practices have any hope of curing bipolar disorder.

But then it gets worse.

Let’s suppose you find an alternative treatment that CURES your bipolar disorder?  Suppose a medical practitioner finds an alternative treatment that cures some cases of bipolar disorder.

Can the cure be proved? No, it cannot.

Because current medical theory, as documented in the DSM/5, has no theory of cure for any medical condition, no cures can be detected when they occur, no cures can be documented at all.

No cures can be proven, nor just for bipolar disorder – but for any mental disease documented in the DSM/5. Not just the DSM/5.  Cure, cures, curing, and cured are not defined for any disease except those caused by parasites. 

If you want to cure bipolar disorder you must use an alternative medical technique, because cured is not defined in conventional medicine. It’s official.

If you cure bipolar disorder, you cannot demonstrate or prove a cure, because cured is not defined in current conventional medicine.

Not just bipolar disorder – the same situation exists with ANY medical condition documented in the current Diagnostic and Statistics Manual of Mental Disorders.

Sorry about that…

But wait.  Perhaps you were really looking for a cure for Bipolar Disorder?  I am certain there are many ways to cure bipolar disorder.  I do know one technique that has spectacular success in many cases. You can find it here: True Hope. However, the people at True Hope cannot claim a cure.

Cured is not defined for bipolar disorder.

Modern medicine is not interested in this cure, because – by lack of a definition in modern medicine – bipolar disorder is incurable. It is not possible to prove that the True Hope treatment actually produces a cure, because cured is not defined, cannot be tested. It remains an “alternative” treatment.

to your health, tracy


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