Searching for Zeno’s Cancer Cure

Has modern medicine been searching for Zeno’s cancer cure?

You remember Zeno’s paradoxical race between the tortoise and the hare? Zeno realized that the rabbit could never catch the tortoise, no matter how fast it ran. It could get halfway to the tortoise, there was still half-way to go. Then, it would begin again, and go halfway. but every time the hare got halfway to the tortoise, there was still more distance to cover.

Is that what we’ve been doing for the last 50 years? We keep getting closer, or so it seems, to the cancer cure, but we never seem to catch the cure. What’s going on?

Actually, it’s not too hard to understand, and it’s exactly Zeno’s problem. You can check the clinical studies to verify it. There are thousands of clinical studies and pretty much every one has the same problem.

Clinical studies into cancer are trying to move us closer to the cure, half-way at a time. Like Zeno’s hare, constantly aiming to move half-way to the goal means they will never actually catch it. Modern medical research, as currently practiced, has no hope of finding a cure. No hope of passing the doddling tortoise.  Funnily enough (or not) not even by accident.

If we want to define a clinical study to cure cancer, we need to know where the finish line is located. The finish line is a cure. It is no use to pretend we are moving closer and closer. We have no idea. The finish line is not defined. The finish line is a cure.

The finish is at cured.

But, cancer cured is not defined. It is not possible, today, to cure cancer, because cured is not defined. We can “move closer to the cure”, or we might think we are moving closer to the cure. But we have no proof. We have no idea if we are actually moving closer or not, until cured is defined.

Does chemotherapy move us closer to a cure? We have no idea. We don’t know if it’s moving us closer to, or farther away from the cure. Radiation? Same same. Surgery? Marijuana? Fasting? Vitamin C? Cottage cheese?

We have no idea. If anything cured a cancer patient today, we cannon even notice. Well, someone might notice, but there is no proof. No cancer cured can be proven, because cured is not defined. Haven’t you wondered why there are so many claims of cancers cured, but none are valid?  How can that be? When will we find a true cancer cured? When we clearly define cured.

Isn’t that just a but silly? Yes. It’s silly, but it is also the current reality. Cancer cured is not defined, therefore, we can’t cure cancer.

There’s only one way out. We need to define cancer cured. It won’t be easy, because it’s so trivial. It’s so trivial that we won’t believe it, we can’t believe it.

Cancer Cured

An illness is cured when the cause has been addressed. A bacterial infection is cured when the bacteria is cured.  A patient’s scurvy is cured when their diet is changed to a healthy diet – until then we can medicate them with Vitamin C, but as soon as the medicine stops, the illness will return.

A cancer is cured, when the cause has been successfully addressed.

But if you get a cancer today…. No one will try to find the cause, your cause. There are thousands of causes of cancer. Nobody is prepared, nobody (certainly no conventional medical doctor) would dare try to identify and address the cause of your cancer. That technique is not in any medical text. Even if your doctor did find the cause of your cancer, and successfully addressed the cause of your cancer, and cured your cancer… Cancer cured is not defined.

You might be cured, but you can’t prove it, your doctor can’t prove it, nobody can prove a cancer cure today. We can only prove we are “half way closer”, like Zeno’s hare.

But wait, there’s more.

There are hundreds, possibly thousands of people claiming their cancers are cured. Are they cured? We don’t know. We can’t tell. Cancer cured is not defined. We have no test for cancer cured. We might ask;

How did they cure their cancers? There are two basic groups of people who believe their cancers are cured.

One group believes their cancer was cured with medicines. However, if they were cured with conventional medicines – their doctor will not say they are cured, because cured is not defined. A recent study found that over 60 percent of cancer doctors will never use the word cure and most doctors recommend that their staff never use the word cure with cancer patients.  Were they cured? Or did the medicines just move them “half-way” towards cured?  We have no idea.

The second group believes they cured their cancer with health. Did they cure their cancer? We can’t tell, because cancer cured is not defined, cannot be tested. Did their health improvements address the cause of their cancer? Or did  they move the patient “half-way” to the cure?  We have no idea.

When we define cancer cured, assuming we manage to define it correctly, we will be able to figure out which patients were cured, and begin to understand what actions cured their cancer.

When we define cancer cured, we will understand that every cure is an individual case, that every cure is an anecdote. We don’t cure cancer, we don’t cure clinical studies, we don’t even cure patient’s, we cure a single case of illness, in a single patient, one element at a time. Real cures are real, not miracles.

Until then?

We’re searching for Zeno’s cancer cure, constantly hoping that we are moving closer, with no way to understand the truth.

To your health, Tracy

Founder: Healthicine



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