Incentives to (not) Cure

There’s a lot of talk, and lots of nonsense about the high costs of medical care (often called ‘health care’). There is a fundamentally simple problem: our current medical systems have many incentives to not cure. If we want to find cures, we need to build a system incentives to cure. How many incentives to not cure exist in our current system?  The most obvious examples are those of corporations, both medical corporations and insurance corporations have strong incentives to not cure.  The goal of a corporation is not to cure, it is to make a profit. Maybe you think the goals of cure and profit can be aligned?  Think again.

Medical Corporations

The goals of a medical corporation are to make profit.  Profit increases with growth, and with revenue. There are two ways to increase revenue: more customers, and more payments per customer. The supply of customers is fixed. So, how can revenue be increased?

Treatments that cure are not reliable sources of income.  You wait for somebody to get sick, and then sell them the cure. A terrible business model.  A more reliable model is to treat chronic diseases, but don’t cure them. Every time you treat a chronic disease, you get paid. Every time you cure a chronic disease, the payments stop.

Another way to increase profit is to ensure that all diseases are chronic. If a disease is chronic, then by (current corporate medical) definition, it can’t be cured.  Any patient’s who get a chronic disease become steady customers.

Once all diseases are chronic, if someone is not-cured, medical corporations can sell “fear of remission”.  Take this medicine, for the rest of your life, to make sure your illness never comes back.

Maybe you’ve noticed?  Almost half of adults in the USA have a chronic disease.  All organizations that treat chronic disease work with the assumption that chronic diseases are incurable.  Cured is not defined for, diabetes, depression, arthritis, Chron’s, obesity, and cancer.  If someone is cured, perhaps by fluke or accident, it can’t be proven, because cured is not defined.  As soon as someone acquires a chronic disease, they become a steady customer.

Would you like fries with that?  According to the US Centers for Disease Control, twenty-five percent of adults in the USA have two or more chronic conditions. Double subscriptions.  And the cost of “health care” (sick care actually) keeps rising.  We shouldn’t be surprised.

Incentives to Cure

What about the other side.  Are there incentives to cure?  Actually no.  Most diseases have disincentives to being cured.

What if you could cure cancer?  Think for a moment.  What would happen if today, you found and announce a CURE FOR CANCER.

Most likely you would simply be ignored.  There are lots of people claiming to have a cure for cancer.  There are lots of people claiming to have cured their cancer. They are ignored.  There are no incentives  to study them.  They don’t have cancer….

Maybe you’re thinking that, if they cured their cancers, the medical corporations would want to know about it, so they can sell the medicine?  Actually no.  Most of the people who claim to have cured their cancer also claim to have cured their cancer without any medicine.  There is no corporate incentive. There is no cure for cancer, and in our current medical paradigm, there is no possibility of a cure for cancer. 

What if you could cure diabetes? What would happen if today, you found and announced a CURE FOR DIABETES.

You would be ignored.  There are lots of people claiming to cure – or to reverse – diabetes. There are lots of people claiming to have cured their diabetes. But none of them cured their diabetes with medicines. And they don’t have diabetes. There is no interest.

But, let’s suppose you REALLY, REALLY, REALLY found a cure for cancer, or a cure for diabetes, or a cure for depression.  Guess what.

You can’t prove it.

Cured is not defined for cancer, diabetes, or depression.  Cure, cures, curing and cured have disappeared from modern medicine.  Even if you really did find a cure for cancer, or diabetes, or depression, you can’t prove it, because there is no test for cured.

There is no test for cured for any disease that is not caused by a parasite.  Not one. There are lots of books that can provide cures, that document cured, few use the word cure.  Cures are forbidden. 

The best you can hope for is to “reverse” a disease, or to put it into remission.  Hopefully, nobody notices that there is also no clear definition of a disease in remission – and certainly not a definition that can be used to distinguish between a disease in remission and a cure, because cured is not defined.

And as a result, there are only incentives to NOT cure.  You can make lots of money – or perhaps I should say, a corporation can make a lot of money, by treating a disease, but not by curing it.

There are no incentives to cure.

to your health, tracy



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