Every Illness Can Be Cured, Q.E.D.

IMG_6781fEvery illness can be cured.
No disease can be cured.
Cured must defined to be attained.
Cured is an improvement in healthiness.
Cured occurs when a key cause is addressed.
Healing occurs before, during and after the illness.

1. Every illness can be cured. The Healthicine Creed.
– every single case of an illness has the potential to be cured.
– it is not possible to prove that an illness cannot be cured.
– it is logical to assume that the illness can be cured.
– an illness is active, not stable. Curing is stopping the activity.
– if it cannot be cured, it is not an illness, it might be an injury, a natural or unnatural physical feature, a disability, a deficit, or a handicap, which might be healed, or repaired, but not cured. Cured cannot be defined for these conditions.
– proof that it cannot be cured, is proof that it is not an illness, that it is an injury, and natural or unnatural feature, a disability, a deficit or a handicap.

2. No disease can be cured. The Healthicine Creed.
– disease is a classification system for illnesses.
– diagnosis assigns a disease name to an illness, to facilitate treatments and cures.
– a diagnosis is not a cause.
– the disease is not the illness, and there are many errors in diagnosis.
– a single case of a disease is a single case of an illness that might be a case of the disease.
– curing a single case of a disease, a case of illness, does not cure the disease.

3. Cured must be defined to be attained.
the process of finding a cure is well defined.
– it is not possible to find a cure, if cured is not defined.
– cured is not defined for most of today’s illnesses.
– if cured is not defined, such that it can be tested, it cannot be proven to have been attained.
– cured can only be proven for individual cases of illness, because each case must be tested.
– proof of cure occurs when the details of the specific case match the definition of cured.
– definitions of cured must be refined as we gain success curing illnesses, leading to better cures.

4. Cured is an improvement in healthiness.
– illness is a lack of healthiness.
– that which does not improve healthiness, is not a cure.
– most of today’s treatments for diseases make no attempt to cure.
– many of today’s treatments are symptomicines, treatments for symptoms, resulting in lower healthiness.

5. Cured occurs when a key cause is addressed.
– no illness is mysterious once we find the cause.
– every individual case of an illness has individual causes that are related.
– independent causes signify independent illnesses, requiring independent cures.
– it is possible to partially cure an illness, by addressing some of the related causes.
– identifying a possible cause is a first step to identifying a possible cure.
– identifying a possible cure can be the first step to identifying a possible cause.
proof of cure is proof of cause.

6. Healing is occurs before, during and after the illness is cured.
– every illness results in damage that needs to be healed.
– healing slows the progress of an illness.
– if the progress of the illness is slower than the process of healing, the illness has been cured.
– healing is needed after the cause has been addressed, after the illness has been cured.
– often, complete healing is not possible, because the illness resulted in an injury, handicap or deficit that cannot be cured nor healed.

to your health, tracy
Tracy is the author of two books about healthicine, and working on the third: The Healthicine Creed.


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