The Alternative Medicine Cures

CuresRule-fAre conventional medicines, or alternative medicines better?  It only takes a minute to find dozens of arguments and examples on either side of the question, but you cannot find the truth in arguments and examples. Where can the truth be found?

In cures. Only in cures.

If it cures, there is no argument. Is penicillin a cure for infection? Of course it is. It cures infections. It’s a conventional medicine.

Do foods containing Vitamin C cure scurvy? Of course they do.  They’re alternative medical treatments.

It is interesting to see that of the three major medical treatment references, MERCK, Lange’s, and Harrison’s – only one recommends healthy foods as the treatment for scurvy. The other two recommend a medicine ‘Vitamin C’, even though Vitamin C tablets cannot cure scurvy. Why? Because medical treatment reference texts do not recommend ‘cures’, they recommend ‘treatments’. Someone taking a literal reading of MERCK, Lange’s, or Harrison’s treatment guidelines for scurvy would assume that there is no cure for scurvy.

How can you know which is better, conventional or alternative treatments? Ask one simple question: Does it cure?

When you ask this question, you will find lots of conventional medicines that don’t cure, and lots of alternative medicines that don’t cure.  Arguing about which medicine “does not cure better” is simplistic nonsense.

The truth can only be found when we search for a cure. When an illness is cured – no one argues about conventional or alternative medicines.  A cure is a cure.

But what if you have an incurable illness, like the common cold?

Is the common cold incurable? No. It is consistently cured by healthiness. If you are healthier, your healthiness cures the cold faster – and you get fewer colds as well.  If you are less healthy, you will get more colds, and they will last longer. The cure for the common cold is obvious.  Health, and time. Searching for better ‘treatments’ is an interesting pursuit, but a distraction from the cure.

It is not possible to prove that any illness is incurable. We can prove an illness is curable, by curing it – but proving it is incurable is not possible. If it is incurable – it is a disability, a deficit, maybe a handicap, but not an illness. Every illness can be cured – the Healthicine Creed.

The test of alternative vs conventional medicines comes down to a single question:

Does it cure? Cures Rule!

to your health, tracy


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Founder of Author of two books about healthicine; Healthicine: The Arts and Sciences of Health and Healthiness Healthicine: Introduction to Healthicine
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