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Love-CureWhich illnesses can only be cured by love? You might be surprised. Let’s suppose you have scurvy.  You feel tired and weak all the time, irritable and miserable. You have pain in your legs, and your skin is breaking out in small blue spots and you bruise easily. Your gums are swollen, and bleed a lot. You don’t seem to have much breath, after exercising.

Scurvy is caused by a lack of Vitamin C in your diet. You go to a doctor, the doctor prescribes Vitamin C tablets. Within a few weeks, your symptoms are gone.

Is your scurvy cured? No, it is not.  Your scurvy was not caused by a lack of Vitamin C tablets and it was not cured by Vitamin C tablets.  You might note, if you check the medical manuals: MERCK’s manual of Diagnosis and Therapy, Lange’s Current Medical Diagnosis and Treatment, and the Complete Guide to Illness and Injury – none of these medical bibles uses the word ‘cure’ for scurvy. They recommend Vitamin C ‘treatments’ for scurvy, but do not use the word cure. The British National Health Service website says “Scurvy is treated with vitamin C supplements, which can quickly improve your symptoms.” The word ‘cure’ is not used.

Why is that? Wait, there’s more…

The USFDA (United States Food and Drug Administration) states clearly that Vitamin supplements CANNOT be advertised as a treatment or cure, for scurvy because only drugs can be advertised as a cure.  Have you seen the disclaimer on ‘health’ products? According to FDA guidelines, “The disclaimer must also state that the dietary supplement product is not intended to ‘diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease,’ because only a drug can legally make such a claim.” Legally, according to the USFDA, only a drug can diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease, so Vitamin C products cannot make such a claim.

What’s going on? Is it possible to make sense of this?  Well, maybe.

When you take Vitamin C for your scurvy, you are not ‘curing’ your disease.  You are not preventing it. You are using a chemical to short circuit the actual problem. And the actual problem? Your diet. When your diet is unhealthy in specific ways, you suffer from scurvy.  The NHS advises that “Once your symptoms improve, you should be able to get enough vitamin C by eating a healthy, balanced diet and you’ll no longer have to take supplements“. The aforementioned medical manuals make similar statements, but none uses the word ‘cure’.

What is the cure for scurvy?

The cure for scurvy is love.

But, you can’t put love in a bottle.  You can’t patent love.

Let’s look more deeply into the causes of scurvy. We know scurvy is caused by a lack of foods containing Vitamin C. So, what is the cause of a lack of these foods in the diet.  Why might your diet be low in Vitamin C?  There are a large number of possible reasons.

  • maybe you don’t have control over your diet.  Maybe all of your food is prepared by someone else, and that person is not feeding you a healthy diet.
  • maybe you don’t like most of the foods that contain Vitamin C, so you don’t eat them.
  • Maybe you simply prefer other foods so much that you don’t get sufficient Vitamin C in your diet.
  • maybe you are an addict, to alcohol, or drugs – these are the people who are most likely to get scurvy in developed countries, because they prefer their drug over food.
  • You might be addicted to unhealthy foods, that don’t meet many of your nutritional needs.
  • maybe you are very poor, and you can’t afford to buy healthy foods.
  • or maybe you think you are poor, and want to save money buying cheap foods. As a result, you don’t consume the foods that prevent scurvy.
  • if you have certain habits, like smoking, and possibly certain dietary habits, you might need more Vitamin C in your diet, to maintain your health.

Before we go farther, let’s have a look at ‘prevention’. There are two important meanings of the word prevention, both in common use.  We are speaking about only one, when we recommend diet to prevent scurvy:

  1. Prevention – an action that directly addresses the cause of an illness.
  2. Prevention statistics – investigations into actions that ‘might’ address the cause of an illness, but not directly.

A healthy diet is not a statistical preventative. It is a direct preventative.

There are many, many possible causes for the cause of scurvy.

The cure for scurvy is love.

If you love yourself, and your body, and you know the solution, you can change your diet, and cure your scurvy. If not, you might suffer remissions of symptoms, and require more ‘medical treatments’ with Vitamin C supplements, that do not address the root of the problem.

But if you love other foods, foods that don’t contain Vitamin C, so much that you don’t, or cannot change your diet – you will suffer remissions of symptoms, and you will require more ‘medical treatments’ with Vitamin C supplements, that do not address the real cause.

But, some people are not in control of their diet.

If you don’t prepare your own food, then the person who does prepare your food needs to love you enough to change your diet to healthier foods. When this happens, your scurvy will be cured.  Until then, you will suffer inevitable ‘remissions’ and require more treatments with Vitamin C supplements, that do not address the real cause.

If you don’t love yourself, and no-one else loves you enough to fix your diet, you will suffer repeated episodes of scurvy.

The only cure for scurvy is love.

In the hierarchy of healthicine, we can see the main sources of scurvy, and two paths to cure.  The hierarchy of healthicine spans the entire hierarchy of life, from genetics and nutrients, to cells, tissues, organs, bodily systems, body, minds, spirits, and communities.

If your mind is addicted to ‘non-healthy’ foods, your body, your nutrition, your cells, your tissues, organs, bodily systems, will suffer a deficiency of Vitamin C.  If your spirit is depressed such that you make unhealthy food choices, you will suffer scurvy.

In addition, if your community is ‘lacking in health‘, the community that provides your food, you might suffer a deficiency of Vitamin C, a case of scurvy.

Scurvy can be caused by lack of healthiness in your body, your mind, your spirit, or in your community. No medicine can address a lack of healthiness. Medicines are designed to fight illness, not to provide healthiness.

Are there any other diseases that can only be cured by love?  Yes.

The World Health Organization classifies all diseases, worldwide, using the ICD10 – International Classification of Diseases, version 10.  They’re currently working on version 11.  There are three different types of diseases in the ICD10.  Communicable diseases are caused by parasites, like bacterial and viruses. Communicable diseases are cured by killing the parasite. Injury diseases can be caused by accidents, or by intentional harm.  Injury diseases are cured when they are healed.

The third category of diseases in the ICD10 is non communicable diseases. Non communicable diseases are those diseases caused by lack of healthiness. They can only be cured by love, by self love, or by community love.  They might be cured when you love yourself enough to make the changes required for the cure. They can also be cured if your community – your parents, your life partnerships, your family, your caregivers, your food manufacturers, your government, your corporations have the power to cause, to prevent, and to cure these diseases. If they care, they can demonstrate their love, and cure the diseases.  If they don’t care enough to love you, and you don’t care enough to love yourself, you will suffer one or more of these diseases.

There is an entire class of diseases that can only be cured with love. The number of non communicable diseases in the ICD10 classification of ‘non communicable diseases’ is long. Every disease on this list is considered to be ‘incurable’ by the medical profession, because it cannot be cured by medicines. There is not even a definition of ‘cure’ for any non communicable disease.  Because cure is not defined, cure cannot be found, and if it is found, it cannot be recognized.

But these diseases can be cured. They can only be cured by love. Any disease that is not a simple injury, and any disease not caused by a ‘communicable entity’, a parasite. Hypertension, heart diseases, type 2 diabetes, many cases of arthritis, cancer, all nutritional deficiency and toxicity diseases, and many more can only be cured by health, by love.  These diseases  cannot be cured with medicines. In theory, we’ve been searching for a cure for cancers for decades.  In reality, we know that no medicine can prevent or cure cancer. Cancer is prevented, and cured by health, with love.

The only cure for a non communicable disease is health. The only true preventative for a non communicable disease is health. Health comes from love, for yourself, from yourself, for your communities, and from your communities. Love comes from the harmony and cooperation of individuals and communities.  Hate comes from dis-harmony and lack of cooperation between individuals and communities – as does neglect.  When we neglect love, we neglect health, and illnesses arise.

In 1984, John Harrison published the first copy of ‘Love Your Disease, It’s Keeping You Healthy“.  It’s out of print, but you can easily find a cheap used copy. Amazon readers give it 4.5 stars.  It’s a very interesting view on disease, one that is almost totally ignored by our medical systems.  It’s a great book, but if I remember correctly (my copy is a few thousand miles away right now), John only discusses the ‘personal’ or individual side of loving your illness. As he writes, “To cure ourselves we need to take back the responsibility of loving and caring for our [selves]…from whomever we have entrusted the task.”, he misses the need and opportunity for community love, and the need to love your community – to find the key to health.

The only cure for a non communicable disease is love.  To love yourself, your diet, your body, your mind, your spirit, and your communities. We need to love these illnesses to death, so that we can escape them, so that we can be healthy.

to your health, tracy

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