How Vaccines Can Injure and Kill

We know that sometimes a vaccination can injure, or even kill a person. Medical and vaccine researchers understand clearly why and how. Do you? If you read a lot of the press about vaccines, you will see two sides of nonsense. One side claiming that vaccines can’t cause diseases, and the other side claiming that vaccine products contain poisons, which cause damage, disease, and disability.  Who is right?

To understand how vaccines cause injury and sometimes death, we need to understand how a vaccine works. A vaccine has two main functional components.

The first component is the antigen.  It contains chemicals, usually fragments of an entity that might cause an illness, but they are disabled, or dead, such that they cannot cause the illness. Eg. The antigen portion of a vaccine is a ‘fake illness’. They are, in most cases of very little danger. Some vaccines contain several antigens in a single vaccination.

The second main component of a vaccine is the adjuvant. According to the Centers for Disease Control, “An adjuvant is a substance that is added to a vaccine to increase the body’s immune response to the vaccine.” This is a specific definition of an adjuvant, but a more general description would read “an adjuvant is a substance that increases the immune systems response to everything“. It puts your immune system into hypersensitivity and hyperactivity.

An adjuvant is like a turbo charger for your immune system.  The intent is that with a small amount of antigen, a substance recognizable by your immune system – and a turbo-boost on your immune system, there will be a powerful immune response. Your immune system will learn, and remember the invader, so that it recognizes it in future – if you actually encounter the danger. But, sometimes problem arise.  There are several things that can go right, or wrong. Let’s look at some possibilities. Note: some of these can happen together.

  1. Your immune system reacts correctly. If your immune system reacts correctly, it will ignore the antigens, because they are non-threats. From a medical perspective, the vaccination ‘failed to immunize’. From a healthicine perspective, your immune system acted correctly.
  2. Your immune system is tricked by the vaccination, and reacts one or more of the antigens in the vaccination.  In this case, the vaccine works – from a medical perspective, and the immune system learns to protect against the true illness agent – bacteria or virus, if it attacks.
  3. Your immune system is weak, and does not react to the antigens. In this case, the vaccine also fails.
  4. Your immune system over-reacts. When the immune system over-reacts, many dangerous things can happen:
    1. Your immune system might learn that something healthy is dangerous. Your immune system might ‘learn’, because it is hyperactive, that some of your healthy cells are dangerous, and attack them. This can lead to an autoimmune system disease. There are many autoimmune diseases, like rheumatoid arthritis, systemic lupus, Multiple Sclerosis, and more. How many cases are caused by vaccinations? We simply don’t know.  No one is researching these questions. An overactive immune system can also lead to diseases known to be caused by an overactive immune system, like Type 1 Diabetes.
    2. Your immune system might learn that something ‘normal’ is dangerous. For example, if you have peanut proteins in your bloodstream, your immune system might decide to remember that peanut proteins are dangerous, to be attacked, leading to a dangerous peanut allergy. Many other natural substances might train your immune system to react, leading to asthma and other diseases of overactive, or unhealthy immune systems. Note: In most cases these diseases are defined and diagnosed as having ‘unknown’ causes. There is no effort to understand how many are caused by vaccinations.
    3. If you have a minor illness – perhaps a cold, influenza, or other minor infection, putting your immune system into high intensity might cause serious damage, even death.

Most of the time, the hyperactive immune system is not a serious problem. Most of the time, vaccinations are safe.  However, because vaccines only work by tricking your immune system – they can’t work consistently. Every person who receives a vaccination is unique in many ways, and their current health and illness status is also unique.  This uniqueness is also why different individuals have different effects from the same vaccine.

Sometimes, a vaccination can have serious consequences, sometimes causing serious injury and even death. It is not the antigen that causes the injury, nor is it the presence of preservatives and other poisonous chemicals in the vaccine.  It is the combination of substances, specifically designed to be an adjuvant – to push your immune system into hyper-activity. When we begin to count, and to study these cases, we can improve our medical systems and make them safer and more effective.

When the vaccine produces a dangerous result, it often seems totally unpredictable. As a result, it is difficult to see the connection.  In one case of hundreds, the vaccination might cause minor to serious irritation, but no danger. In one case of thousands, the vaccination might cause serious damage – but the damage might be different in every case, because the immune system is facing unique situations in each person, at each individual time. Sometimes, perhaps once time in a few million, the vaccination causes death. These deaths are often inexplicable.  How can a vaccine be perfectly safe millions of times – and deadly in a few cases?  It’s because the vaccine works not by health, but by lies and trickery – lying to your immune system about danger, and trying to trick it into a specific reaction. Sometimes, lies bite back. Sometimes, trickery catches you on the rebound.

Unfortunately there is very little study of these effects. Medical study of the negative effects of vaccines is a well known ‘career limiting move’. Medical researchers want to study things that might make them famous, not things that will make them infamous. Maybe someday, this will change.  But I’m not holding my breath. It’s a case of the emperor has no clothes. Anyone who looks, can see what’s happening. But no one dares speak up. People who speak up aren’t wakeboarded, they’re Wakefielded.

Speaking up is only the first step. We know what’s going on. We know how it works. With this knowledge, and some effort, we can work to make vaccines safer. Instead, we are on a constant slide into over-use of vaccines, based on false beliefs of safety. This results in excessive numbers of vaccine induced illnesses. But who is counting? Nobody.

If we truly want to limit the damage caused by vaccination, we need to study it in earnest.

The National Vaccine Injury Compensation website clearly states “In very rare cases, a vaccine can cause a serious problem, such as a severe allergic reaction. ” What is an ‘allergic reaction’? According to “Your immune system has an important job: to defend your body from invaders such as bacteria and viruses that mean you harm. But when it makes war on substances it shouldn’t, that’s an allergy.”  This is exactly the problem described above in 4.A, 4.B, and 4.C. The National Vaccine Injury Compensation even lists specific injuries, including death – that are covered for specific vaccines.

The National Vaccine Injury Compensation System was set up to protect vaccine manufacturers from excessive lawsuits, to ensure that a supply of vaccines could not be cut by court decisions.  But it has resulted in diminished analysis of damage caused by vaccines – to the detriment of many.  We can do better. It’s time to change.

to your health, tracy


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