We Know how to Cure Cancer: Part 1

We know how to cure cancer. We’ve known for some time. Many cancers have been cured and people are curing cancer today. Who are ‘we‘ in the sentence ‘we know how to cure cancer‘?  Everyone, and no-one.

In theory, no-one knows how to cure cancer.  In theory, everyone is searching for a cure for cancer. In theory, many people are raising money to “find a cure”. Those theories are wrong.  We know how to cure cancer.

It’s easy to prove that we know how to cure cancer. There are thousands, possibly millions worldwide, of people who have records of cancer diagnosis, who no longer have cancer. I’m not talking about people who were treated with surgery, radiation or chemotherapy.  Statistically, those people are waiting for remission or death. I’m talking about people who cured their cancer. In some of these cases the patient was given up for dead by the medical system – but is living and thriving today.

In reality, it’s easy to learn to cure cancer:

  1. search for situations where cancers were cured (there are lots of them)
  2. examine them thoroughly until we really, really understand what happened, until we understand what caused that specific cancer, and why the cure worked.
  3. design studies to test our conclusions and improve our understanding
  4. eventually, we find the real causes, learn the truth about preventatives and understand the best treatments for cancer.

Note: This is NOT the technique your doctor uses.

Your doctor is not a scientist, he is a practitioner.  When your doctor finds a cancer, the goal is not to ‘learn how to cure cancer’.  The goal is to ‘treat the patient’.   It is also not the technique used by scientists who are searching for a cure for cancer. Scientists who are searching for a cancer cure are searching for a ‘medicine’ to cure cancer, or a ‘treatment’ to cure cancer.  That’s where the money is to be found.  That’s where the research grants come from.  That’s how you get a Nobel Prize for medicine; by finding a ‘cure’. There is little money to be made curing cancer one patient at at time – so nobody is interested.

If your cancer has been cured – the doctors are not interested. You are no longer a patient.

If your cancer has been cured – the scientists are not interested. More money can be made by studying people who have cancer.

If your cancer has been cured – your insurance company is not interested. Don’t expect your insurance company to make any payments. Insurance companies pay for ‘recognized treatments’ – of which there are many, especially  ‘cancer treatments’. But your insurance companies knows there are no cancer cures. Cure’s don’t count.

Why can’t we cure cancer, given the fact that we know how to cure cancer?


How can we find the cure(s) for cancer(s), if we refuse to look at the people who are cured? How can we cure cancer if we refuse to look at people who are healthy?

Thirty years ago, we declared war on cancer.  Today, there are more cancers, and more cancer deaths. Whatever we are doing – it’s making the problem worse, not better.

We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.”  Albert Einstein

We created this problem over the past 30 years. We need a new kind of thinking.

Many fundraising groups collect millions of dollars every year ‘to find the cure’.  We need to ‘find the cured‘.  They are out there, waiting to be discovered, waiting to be acknowledged, waiting to be studied.

People doing cancer research don’t want to cure cancer. They want to find the cure. If they can ‘find the cure’, they can make a lot of money.  This is exacerbated by the fact that cancer treatments that don’t work are already making a lot of money. Chemotherapy is big business, even though it doesn’t work very well and it clearly makes the patient less healthy in the short term and in the long term. Chemotherapy makes money. So do surgery and radiation treatments.

Of course, if you have cancer – your motivations are different. If you have cancer, you want to find a cure, money is not important.  Cancer it seems, is all about the money.

We know how to cure cancer.  But we don’t want to know. Individually, of course, we want to know how to cure cancer.  But as a society, our actions speak louder than words. And our action hide, and hide from, cancer cures.

How do we cure cancer? The technique is simple. Look at the cures.  They’re all around us. Look at healthiness, not illness. Study healthicine more than medicine.

to your health, tracy

Science advances one funeral at a time” says that famous philosopher Anonymous.  Unfortunately, it has the ring of truth. Why can’t science advance “one cure at a time“? It can.

ps. This is the first in a series of posts that emphasize the point: “We know how to cure cancer.”  Stay tuned – there is more to be said.

This post has been published by Waking Times and by Higher Perspectives with many comments, although lots of propaganda.


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  • I’m thinkin I didn’t know you thought this way and I fully agree.

    • Tracy Kolenchuk

      Hello Darlene, thanks for taking the time to comment. I haven’t posted anything for a while because I’m buried working on a book that puts all of my Healthicine concepts together… tracy

  • Michael

    Tracy I have understood Cancer as a melt down of ones immune system, adrenal system. And possibly the body mind itself. And this is also limiting. Our bodies are under constant threat from so many things, environment, our food, our stress levels are huge part, the devices we use to entertain ourselves…..the list goes on. The cure really is one cure at at time. There is’nt one medicine, a single secret, something to be unlocked….and a fortune made. But this seems to be what the propaganda of the cancer industry is saying to an unsuspecting public. Really, fortunes are being made out of not curing the big C.
    There are a huge number of people making a living on Cancer. To cure it is simply bad economics.If you have cancer you have it in your power I mean personal power to cure it, you really do!….a pure diet, elimination of meats, sugars, exercise, alternative medicine, a strong belief in the spiritual aspect of this disease. And an absolute willingness to abandon what caused it. Generally curing ones cancer means a radical change in lifesyle.

    • Tracy Kolenchuk

      Micheal, thanks for your comment. I like the concept that curing ones cancer means a radical change in lifestyle. I think curing any chronic illness requires radical changes – and cancer is a chronic illness. I also had a smile when I realized that if a doctor is to cure a patient’s cancer, it may require a radical change in his lifestyle as well. tracy