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On Tuesday, Oct 14th the book Healthicine: the Arts and Sciences of Health and Healthiness, can be purchased for FREE on Kindle – for 5 days. At the same time, I will have reduced the price of the printed version of the book, from $20, to $8.99 on If you who don’t have access to Kindle, or who want a book you can hold in your hands and make notes, this is for you.

This 5 day sale, ends on October 18th. It is not a ‘preview’, if you purchase the book on Kindle – you will keep the copy in your Kindle library after the sale ends. You can, of course, buy the Kindle version for your Mac, your PC, your phone FOR FREE, and the paper version for cheap, so you can mark it up, loan it to friends, etc.

Healthicine: The Arts and Sciences of Health and Healthiness is the first of two books about Healthicine, the study of health. For centuries doctors, medical professionals and scientists have battled against illness, but there have been no studies of ‘health’, exclusive of illness. Today the concentration of force against illness has created an imbalance, an unhealthiness, that pervades our medical systems from top to bottom.

Medicine is blind to health.

Think of the last time you bought a medicine.  Did it ‘cure’ your illness?  Most medicines do not cure the illness they treat. Most of today’s medicines are ‘symptomicines‘.  They don’t actually treat the illness, they treat the symptoms.

If you have ‘high blood pressure’, you can get four different types of medicine that treat your high blood pressure. Each works in a different way, but none, not one of them, addresses the cause. Not one of them ‘cures’ high blood pressure – they are ‘subscription medicines’, or perhaps we should use the words ‘addiction medicines‘. High blood pressure is ‘treated’, but not cured. Why is it not cured? Because the only cure for high blood pressure is HEALTH.

Health is also the best preventative. The only way to prevent high blood pressure is through healthiness.   But we don’t know, because we don’t study health.  We cannot distinguish between an ‘illness’ of high blood pressure and an ‘unhealthiness’ of high blood pressure.

This same scenario arises for many illnesses. Diabetics, arthritics, MS sufferers, and even cancer patients are advised to ‘learn to live with your disease’, because even cancer is never ‘cured’, the patients ‘survive’.

If you check the list of top selling 100 prescription medications of 2013, the first 70 medicines, by sales – do not cure – they only treat symptoms according to DRUGS.COM. Of the top 100, four have potential to cure. 96 percent of the top selling medicines of 2013 do not cure anything.

How can this happen? Are so many diseases ‘incurable’? Have we cured all of the easy diseases – such that the only ones left are incurable? Or is it possible that some illnesses cannot be cured with medicines, and can only be cured with health?

What illnesses cannot be cured with illness – but only with health? Actually, there are lots of them. We just don’t think that way, because we’re stuck in the medical paradigm. Scurvy cannot be cured with medicine. You can treat the symptoms, as the patient gets sicker and sicker. But medicines will not help. The only way to cure scurvy is to treat it with healthy foods. So, the medical paradigm treats Vitamin C, a nutrient essential to health, as a ‘medicine’, because it cures scurvy.

Vitamin C does not cure scurvy.  It healths scurvy. Water does not cure dehydration, it healths dehydration. Vitamin B1 does not cure beriberi, it healths beriberi. But our medical systems do not study health – so health is not a verb.

What if you are suffering from lead poisoning, because your food is contaminated with lead? Can a medicine ‘cure’ your disease’. No. The only cure is to ‘health’ your diet.  And the longer it takes for you to recognize this truth – the more damage will be caused by the poison.

How many illnesses can only be treated with health? We can cure some simple diseases with health – each Vitamin, each essential nutrient, has a corresponding ‘illness’ when deficient. Many have a corresponding illness when ‘excessive’.

The simple truth is that we don’t study health. We don’t measure healthiness. Our medical systems are blind to health. As  result, we have no systems, not tests, no science of healthicine – no way to determine which illnesses are best treated by healthicine, and which by medicine. We have no name for such an illness, no distinction between illnesses cured by medicines and those cured by health.

Healthicine: The Arts and Sciences of Health and Healthiness is the first step on our journey – the study of healthicine.  Healthiness is bigger than illness. There are more healthicines than medicines – and they really do work. The study of healthicine includes studies of illness, but it is much larger.  Health is whole, the earth and the sky. Illness is just a hole in your health.

Starting Tuesday, October 14, 2014, pick up your FREE Kindle copy of:  Healthicine: the Arts and Sciences of Health and Healthiness, or head over to CreateSpace right now, and order the printed copy, at the low price of 8.99 .  You can also preview and purchase the printed book on 


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