Every Illness, Every Cure

Modern medicine has no theory of illness and no theory of cure. It’s time.

How many different types of illness are there? Three, or four.

How many different types of cures? Three, or four.

What are the basic types of illness? How are each of them cured?

Every illness can be cured. What do we call an illness that cannot be cured?


An illness is a hole in healthiness. Any living entity might have a hole in its health. An illness, a hole in healthiness might exist in the body, the mind, the spirit, or the community of the life entity. Every illness is a specific case, a specific hole in the healthiness of a specific individual life entity.

Every illness is a negative health condition. If not seen as negative, it is not an illness. The negative view might come from the life entity, from a doctor, or from the community of the life entity. These views might be in opposition.

Every illness is active. The illness might be growing or shrinking, or waxing and waning over time, as the cause waxes and wanes, and as the health of bodies, minds, spirits and communities work against it. If it is not active, it is not an illness.

Every illness has  a cause. An illness is the intersection of a cause and its consequences, the signs and symptoms of illness. The cause might be in the entity’s external environment. The cause might be in the internal environments, the bodies, minds, spirits, and communities of the life entity. The signs and symptoms of an illness affect the bodies, minds, spirits, and communities of the life entity.

A simple, or elementary illness has a single cause or chain of causes.  A complex or compound illness consists of two or more causes, with similar or overlapping signs and symptoms.

A chronic illness has a chronic cause, a cause that persists over time.  As a result, a chronic illness has signs and symptoms that persist over time. Every chronic illness is a compound illness consisting of the base cause, and the chronic or repeating nature of the cause.

Every illness can be cured.


A cure is present when the cause of an illness has been addressed. An illness is cured by addressing the cause. The cause has been addressed when the illness is cured.

A partial cure exists when a cause is partially addressed.

A partial cure is present when any single cause of a compound illness is addressed. The cure is complete when all of the causes of a compound illness have been addressed.

A chronic cure addresses a chronic illnesses by addressing the cause and the chronic nature of the cause.

Signs and symptoms of illnesses can include injuries, blockage and congestion.

Injury Illness

An injury is a hole in the body, mind, spirit, or community of a life entity. An injury is a tear in the body, mind, spirit, or community of a life entity.

Every injury has a cause. An injury might be caused by factors in the external environment, or by illness, excessive stress, or weakness in the body, mind, spirits, or community of a life entity. In many cases, the cause of an injury is gone. An injury can be prevented by addressing the cause prior to the injury, but it is not cured by addressing the cause.

Every injury can be healed.

An injury is cured by healing.  While an injury is not healed, it can lead to illness, to other injuries and blockage. Healing is seldom perfect. Imperfect healing can lead to blockages.

If the cause of an injury is still present, as in a chronic illness, healing will not be sufficient to cure.

Blockage Illness

A blockage is a wall, blocking healthy life flows of body, mind, spirit or community of a life entity. A blockage might range from a minor challenge, to an insurmountable problem. Blockages lead to congestion.

Every blockage has a cause. Blockage can be caused by factors in the external environment, or by problems in the internal environments of the body, mind, spirit or community of a life entity. A blockage is an inability to perform some healthy life actions of body, mind, spirit, or community.

Every blockage can be cured.

A blockage is cured by transformation. Physical, mental, spiritual or community exercise or manipulation can bring about a transformation.

While blockage is not addressed, it causes congestion, which can lead to illness, to injury, and to other blockages.

Congestion Illness

Congestion is a consequence, a sign and symptom of blockage. Congestion can occur in the body, the mind, the spirits or communities of a life entity. Releasing or clearing congestion is important, but congestion will re-appear if the blockage is not removed.

Congestion can lead to injuries. Is congestion a sign, a symptom, a blockage, an injury, or an illness? You decide.

Progression of an Illness

A cause can lead to illness. Illnesses can lead to injuries. Injuries and healing can create to blockages. Blockages cause congestion.

Progression of a Cure

Clearing congestion improves healthiness but does not cure the blockage. Congestion will reappear until the blockage is cured. Blockage is cured by transformation. Transformation often causes damage, which requires healing. Injuries are cured by healing.  Illnesses are cured by addressing causes, although sometimes healing is also required.

Inability is Not an Illness

A handicap, disability, or inability is not an illness, as it cannot be cured.  If, or when it is cured, it is proven to have been a blockage. While it is incurable, it is an inability.

Signs and Symptoms are not Illness

An illness consists of a cause and the consequences, the resulting signs and symptoms of illness. A cause by itself is not an illness. Signs or symptoms, by themselves, are not illnesses.

A symptomicine is a medicine that treats signs and symptoms of illness, injury, or disability, while making no attempt to cure. Symptomicinces cannot cure, although they sometimes give the healthiness of the body, mind, spirit, and community time: to address the cause of an illness, to heal, to repair, and to transform and to clear congestion.

A preventative aims to address cause, to cure an illness, before it can occur. Preventatives are blockages, they block causes of illness. Many preventatives are very effective, but preventative actions also carry risk of creating other illness.

A cure addresses the cause of an illness, or heals the damage caused by the illness, or transforms the blockage of an illness. When a cure is complete the illness is gone. When a cure is complete, symptomicines are no longer needed.

to your health, tracy


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