How to Create a Chronic illness

ACureQuotes-create-chronic-illnessn illness can only be cured by addressing the cause.  Every illness, every active illness, can be cured, because the cause is active, because it has active causes.

Chronic illnesses have chronic causes.

When we treat symptoms of an illness, without addressing the cause – we create chronic illness.

The treatment is needed again tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow.

“Manage your illness” is rejection of any possibility of a cure.  It is not possible to prove that any illness is incurable – it is only possible to prove it curable, by curing it.

“Manage your illness”, “learn to live with your illness”, gives up on cures, and leads to the creation and acceptance of a chronic illness.

Most medicines today are symptomicines, treating symptoms without any sense of, without any hope of a cure.  Today, chronic illnesses dominate.  Are symptomicines the cause? Are today’s medicines a cause of today’s chronic illnesses?

to your health, tracy



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