Alternative Medicines vs Health

Every medicine that doesn’t cure, is an ‘alternative medicine’. If it doesn’t cure, we can always find something better – maybe even a cure.  Unfortunately, most medicines sold today, make no claim to cure, have no intentions to cure, and cannot cure. Over 90% of the best selling medicines by year, do not cure. When I surveyed top selling medicines in 2011, for example: none of the top ten best selling drugs claimed to cure a disease. None address the cause of the disease they treat, instead they treat ‘symptoms’.

Most cures come from health, not from medicines. Medicine, the field of medicine, recognizes cures for illnesses caused by parasites. There is no definition of cured, for any disease not caused by parasites. It is not possible to cure arthritis, Alzheimer’s, carbon monoxide poisoning, diabetes, obesity, MS, scurvy, and many more illnesses – because cured is not defined.

Of course we can cure scurvy. We know how to cure scurvy, right?  Actually, officially, if you check the medical treatment reference books, scurvy can be treated, but no text dares to use the word ‘cure’. Not only that, all of the treatments recommended simply can’t cure any scurvy, because they do not address the cause.

Scurvy, like all illnesses ‘not caused by a parasite’, is cured with health.  A healthy diet. That’s the cure, the only cure. The only question is how to administer it. Vitamin C, an alternative medicine, does not cure scurvy – even thought it is the treatment recommended by all three major treatment references. Instead, it makes the patient dependent on Vitamin C, converting the illness into a chronic diseases.

Health is the cure for many illnesses.  We know that health is the cure for obesity.  We know that health is the cure for scurvy.  We should know that health is the cure for diabetes, for arthritis, for Alzheimer’s.  We should know that any disease not caused by a parasite, and even many diseases caused by a parasite, are actually caused by a lack of healthiness.

Health is the cure.  The best cure.  The only cure for many illnesses.  But instead, for diseases like arthritis, diabetes, heart disease and more, we argue about which ‘alternative medicine’, which make no claim to cure, are ‘better’. Medicine, the field of medicine, is biased.  It wants to treat illness with medicine, even when it cannot cure.

The arguments between conventional medicines that don’t cure, and alternative medicines that don’t cure is a nonsense discussion which can be summarized as:

which medicine does not cure better?

There is no ‘best’ treatment that does not cure.  All treatments, all medicines that do not cure are ‘alternative medicines’.

to your health, tracy
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