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Healthicine: What is Aging?

What is aging? Is aging a disease? There are many views. Aubrey de Grey views aging as a disease, or perhaps a collection of diseases, to be treated, cured, and healed.  His SENS project lists seven causes of aging, and … Continue reading

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Health is a Verb

In dictionaries, health is a noun.  You might have health, lose health or regain your health. Health is an adjective, is healthy walk, healthy diet, healthy attitude. Health is also a fake adjective: health clinic, health centre, health insurance – … Continue reading

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Introduction to Healthicine: Theories of Health, Healthiness, Illness and Aging

What is health?  What is healthiness? What is unhealthiness?  Where does illness fit into this picture?  What about aging? What are medicines? What are healthicines? Are alternative medicines healthicines?  No, they are not. There are many definitions of health, few … Continue reading

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